500 internal server error & other errors documented?

Posted in General by johnny Thu Mar 31 2016 07:51:24 GMT+0000 (UTC)·1·Viewed 600 times

appreciate the author of the documentation can provide a very detail description of what it meant by error 500 - internal server error and what could cause the error to happened, and other sort of possible error code so that we can all refer to the documentation instead of when we hit an error we email to api-integration@zyllem.com, the development cycle never ends, I think I am first to approach since the company name was uncle rocket, hope this is attention properly so other developers that faces the same problem gets the same error tracing without going to the email (longer time)
Rhocela Pasigna
Apr 1, 2016

Hi Johnny,

Thanks again for reaching out to us. We are currently putting together a list of error codes and FAQs that we are going to publish on this site. We will email you as soon as it is up. We really appreciate your feedback. We look forward to making this documentation more comprehensive for you.



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