505 Internal server error

Posted in General by Achmad Fatoni Wed May 11 2016 09:16:28 GMT+0000 (UTC)·1·Viewed 543 times

Hi, i got this error message below: Server error: `POST https://api.zyllem.org/api/v2/deliveries/create` resulted in a `500 Internal Server Error` response: {"error":{"message":"System was not able to re-create route based on selected service Id '56d55a217839cf05f439caec'","ty (truncated...) can someone help me?
Adelene Ang
May 13, 2016

As zyllem.org this is a common testing environment for our customers as well as ourselves, you will experience internal server errors when we perform some tests and configurations.

The above error is due to configuration works and it should be working fine now.

Kindly send the API again, and your order should be created.

Just a note that you are strongly advised to run a forecast before creating a delivery so as to allow the system to validate your order details. Do look out for the service names for different countries as well per indicated in the documentation.

Thank you.

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