Book a delivery order for an item. Use your own data set and custom properties to associate to the item or line items upon booking.


Required parameters are marked with an asterisk (*).

Contact Parameters

The contact details will have three fields, and you must provide at least one of them:

  • id - legacy field for the contact’s unique Id. If provided, the system will ignore the contactId and contactExternalId. The system will honor this as the contactExternalId and will search against it.
  • contactId - the system generated ID of the contact record. If provided, the system will ignore the contactExternalId.
  • contactExternalId - the unique user-defined external ID of the contact.

Pickup Time

If you specify a pickupTime that falls on a non-operating hour, it will be booked with the earliest valid pickup time based on your Bridge configuration.

Service Names

If you don't specify a service, it will be booked with the first valid service based on your Bridge configuration. Contact your administrator if you do not know the service to specify.

Service Address

All addresses are verified through Google Address Validation. When specifying these addresses, it is best to use the following format:

Parameter nameDescription
addressBlock/Street # and Street name
Example: 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent
address2House/Unit # or additional information to supplement the first address line
Example 1: #04-23
Example 2: Beside the green gate
countryCodeCountry code
Example: SG
postalCodePostal code
Example: 139951


Tips on Addresses

To ensure address accuracy or if you get an 'Invalid contact' error, you may provide the geocoordinates of the address. It will bypass Google address validation and the accuracy will considered as 'Very High'.

Capacity Usage

Capacity Usage represents the amount of impact that the item makes to the vehicle 'Capacity' defined in your enterprise. Its unit of measurement takes that of 'Capacity'. Only enter values from 0 to 1.79769313486231E+308.

Line Item Units

Line Item Units is where you define the breakdown or grouping of units that comprise the Line Item Quantity, based on your units of conversion.

For example, if a line item consists of a carton of soda which can be broken down into 6-can packs or 24 individual cans, you have the following conversion


1 carton = 4 packs or 24 cans.

To define this in your booking, you will have 3 different units of measurement for this line item:

  1. Carton = 24 cans
  2. 6-can pack = 6 cans
  3. Can= 1 can
"units": [
                    "label": "carton",
                    "quantity": 24
                    "label": "6-can pack",
                    "quantity": 6
                    "label": "can",
                    "quantity": 1


Custom Properties

You can add as many custom properties as defined in your enterprise. Contact your enterprise administrator to know more about your custom properties.