About SFTP Integration

SFTP integration is one way for you to book and track orders in Zyllem. In this integration, Zyllem provides you with an SFTP account through which you can upload your orders, as well as download status updates and other data generated by your network.


Zyllem Booking Options

Supported File Types

Zyllem has native support for CSV and Excel files, and can be extended to support XML and other proprietary file types. Please contact Zyllem if you are using a different file type other than CSV and Excel.

Custom Properties

Zyllem allows you to include your own set of custom properties in your booking file. Custom properties can be in different types: text, numeric, options, money, or ID.


Various types of data can be exported based on event triggers that you configure in your network. This includes status updates, timestamps, and other custom data you define.

When to use SFTP Integration

SFTP integration can be a simple alternative to API integration, as it may require less development work.