About the Generic Connector

The Generic Connector allows operators to integrate with Zyllem. It provides an avenue for 3rd party logistics operators to synchronize data between their application and Zyllem platform.

When to use Generic Connector

If you are an enterprise that is using Zyllem to manage your distribution network, and your 3PL partner is using their own platform (e.g., their own ePOD system), you can add them to your Zyllem network via the Generic Connector. Then, you can direct them to integrate with Zyllem using the Generic Connector framework. This will allow you to assign delivery segments to them in real-time. In the same manner, your operators can send updates back to Zyllem as they fulfill your deliveries.

Generic Connector Modes

The Generic Connector has two modes: HTTP Mode (recommended) and Manual Mode.
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How it Works

The figure below illustrates how Generic Connectors fit into your Zyllem enterprise network.


How Generic Connector is used in your Zyllem Enterprise
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Basically, there are 3 ways that an enterprise can connect with their operators based on 3 scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: By hosting them in Zyllem (operator will use Zyllem app, etc.)
  • Scenario 2: Via E2E (if operator is using Zyllem as an enterprise of its own)
  • Scenario 3: Via Generic Connector (if operator is using its own platform)

Generic Connector Modes

Generic Connector can be used in two modes: HTTP Mode and Manual Mode. HTTP Mode uses API-based communication while Manual Mode relies on manual user input. Both modes can be used simultaneously.


Choosing between HTTP and Manual mode

If the operator has the resources to integrate, HTTP Mode is highly recommended to facilitate real-time synchronization, full artifact support, no room for data entry error.

HTTP ModeManual Mode
Method API-basedManual file upload or user input
Real-time synchronization YesNo
Artifact support Supports all types of artifacts (texts, photos, signatures, photosignature, option selection, surveys, forms, COD)Support varies between File Upload and Manual Action. Read more
Configuration Get startedGet started

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