Handling Errors

Manual Mode

If you encounter errors while uploading a file, you need to discard the file (by clicking Discard). Then, edit the file and re-upload it.

Below are the common errors when executing actions via file upload:

Segment ID is not found

Ensure that the Segment ID exists in Zyllem.

Action code name is not found

Ensure that the Action Code Name is aligned with your Bridge configuration (e.g., Full Delivery action will typically have a code name of FULL_DELIVERY).

Action occurred before the last action was executed

When executing actions, the action timestamp you have uploaded for this item is earlier than the last action performed on it. To ensure that the defined workflows in your processes are honored, the system ensures that the uploaded timestamps follows the precedence of tasks. For example, if a pickup task was executed at 09:00am and the next task such as deliver must have a timestamp of 09:01 and onwards.


If you proceed with the steps without correcting these errors, the system will skip and will process the segments that do not have errors.