SFTP Settings

Your SFTP Settings contains advanced configuration that affect the importing and exporting of your data. If you are unsure of these settings, contact your enterprise administrator.

To access the SFTP settings, log in to our enterprise web portal and go to /Settings/SFTP and click on your client name.

Your will see two sections: CLIENT DETAILS and RECENT ACTIVITY.


Snapshot of the SFTP Settings

Client Details

The first part of the Client Details contains your SFTP credentials:

NameName of your SFTP client. It is recommended that you take the name of the Network Group.
DescriptionDescription of the SFTP Client
HostNo configuration required. Your SFTP host name.
UsernameNo configuration required. Your SFTP username.
PasswordNo configuration required. Your SFTP password.

The second part contains your import settings:

Import activeEnable/disable import. If disabled, Zyllem will not process any file uploaded into the _drop_files_here folder.
Import translatorSelect the import translator for your enterprise. This is required for non CSV/Excel files. Contact your administrator to know more.
Wait time (seconds)The frequency by which Zyllem grabs the files from the _drop_files_here for processing. (Default value: 60s)
File scan filterThe file type in the _drop_files_here folder that Zyllem will process (Default value: .*)
Error markerError marker found on the CSV files for values that caused the error.

The last part contains your export settings:

Export activeEnable or disable exporting of data from Zyllem. If disabled, the export folder will be empty regardless of your network activity.
Export translatorSelect the Export translator for your enterprise. This is required if custom values were configured for export. Contact your administrator to know more.
Export frequency (minutes)The frequency by which Zyllem exports data into the export folder. (Default value: 30min)
Next export atNo configuration required. Date and time of the next instance of export.
Last Export atNo configuration required. Date and time of the last instance of export.

Read more about Export

Recent Activity (SFTP Logs)

The Recent Activity shows a log of the file uploads made via SFTP (latest first).


It is important to note this log displays all booking attempts. This means that it displays all files that were uploaded, including those that were not successfully booked. This log is most useful for troubleshooting and finding out the cause of error.

Created AtDate and time when the file upload started
FileFilename (the original file that was uploaded). Click to download the file.
LogsDisplays the step-by-step booking processes that the file goes through. See Logs below.
Status Completed Successfully - the file was processed and all orders were booked.
Completed with Errors - the file contains errors and all orders in the file were rejected. See Handling Errors.

Show Logs

Clicking on Show Logs will display the step-by-step process that the file goes through as Zyllem attempts to book the orders.

Here's a sample log of a successful booking process:


Show Logs - Successful booking

Here's a sample log of a file encountering an error during the booking process.


Show Logs - Error found while booking


Once you have configured the SFTP settings, you are now ready to book! Prepare a valid booking file and upload it into the designated folder.