About Zyllem Webhooks

You can use webhooks to receive real-time updates from Zyllem, based on a list of events that you can subscribe to.

Webhooks are a great way for you to get instant updates about your deliveries and trigger reactions in your integration. With webhooks, updates are sent to your application every time an event occurs in your enterprise (whereas with typical API calls, you place calls without knowing whether there is any data update or not).

Webhooks can be used as basis to:

  • Know which operator or 3PL partner the item is assigned to
  • Be notified of any changes in the ownership or assignment of the delivery or item
  • Know the user or driver compliance when they perform actions
  • Be notified of any changes made to an item in real-time (e.g., change in status, location or segment, etc.)

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NOTE: If you are using Zyllem's legacy webhooks click here.

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