About Zyllem API

The Zyllem API allows you to integrate Zyllem Enterprise platform with your own application so you can directly book and manage delivery orders. Through this API, you can book, track, cancel and get information about your items, their assignees, and about your enterprise network in general.

Open API specification

Open API (OpenAPI 3 standard) specifications for the Zyllem public API is located at https://any.zyllem.com/api/docs/apiSpec.

Open API (OpenAPI 3 standard) specifications for the Zyllem Webhooks is located at https://any.zyllem.com/api/docs/webhookSpec.

For more information on OpenAPI specifications, see https://swagger.io/docs/specification/about

NOTE: If your enterprise follows the TR46 Singapore standard on last-mile delivery, please refer to the TR46 section of this document.

To know more about Zyllem, visit www.zyllem.com.

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