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Zyllem Developer Portal

Welcome! This site presents a guide on how to integrate with Zyllem so you can directly manage delivery orders.

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Getting Started

A quick guide to getting your first integration running

To start your integration, make sure you have a Zyllem account to access your enterprise web portal. Your web portal domain name and login credentials shall be provided by your enterprise administrator.

If you want to build your integration on the sandbox environment before you go live, please take note of the following web portal environments or read more about Sandbox Testing.


Web Portal





1. Log in to your Zyllem account

Log in to your enterprise web portal (e.g., yourEnterprise.zyllem.com). Don't have a Zyllem account? Contact your enterprise administrator.

2. Register your application as a client

2.1 Go to /Settings/API.
2.2 Click Add Client to add your application.


Don't see /Settings/API?

Contact your administrator to grant you access. Or go to /Settings/Users or /Roles to manage your access.

2.3 Fill in the application details and click Save.




Your application name


(Optional) Description of your application


All orders booked via the API will reflect on this network

Once your application is added, it will be listed on the API CLIENTS TABLE.

3. Generate your API key

3.1 Click on the application name you registered in Step 2.
3.2 Under KEY TABLE, click Add Key.
3.3 Fill in the key name and description (optional), and click Save.

Once the key is generated, it will be listed on the KEY TABLE.


Using the API Key

The API Key is used to authorize your connection to the Zyllem API. You need to attach it as a query parameter named key to all your calls to the API. You can generate multiple API keys and revoke them. See Authorization 101.

4. Call the API

Test the integration by using /ping


Once you get a successful ping response, you are ready to book your first delivery order!

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Getting Started

A quick guide to getting your first integration running

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