Zyllem allows you to export various types of data that are generated by your network such as status updates, timestamps, and other custom data you define. This process is based on the export triggers configured in your Bridge. To know more about this configuration, please contact your enterprise administrator.

All exported data are stored in the export folder of your SFTP account in CSV format. You can set the frequency (in minutes) by which Zyllem exports these data into the folder. The SFTP export settings explains the available configurations for this feature.

If you are using an application such as an ERP system, you can configure your system to periodically consume these files, allowing you to receive updates in real time.


The export feature encompasses all data that are generated by your network, regardless of their booking source (i.e., it includes those that are booked via Bulk Order wizard, API, etc.).

Below is a snapshot of an exported file that contains both custom properties and native data that are already supported by Zyllem. If you are using your own set of custom properties, you may require an export translator depending on your requirements. Please contact Zyllem for assistance.


Example of an exported file with custom data