Getting Started

If you want to build your integration on the sandbox environment before you go live, please take note of the domain names for Sandbox (.io) and Production (.com), or check out Sandbox Testing before you proceed.

1. Create your SFTP Account

Contact Zyllem to create your SFTP account. Zyllem will require you to provide your IP address for whitelisting. Similarly, you can whitelist Zyllem's IP address as required by your enterprise.

2. Obtain your SFTP Credentials

2.1 Log in to your enterprise web portal (e.g.,
2.2 Go to /Settings/SFTP. Click on the client name (or your Network Group name).


Accessing your SFTP settings


Don't see /Settings/SFTP?

Contact your administrator to grant you access. Or go to /Settings/Users or /Roles to manage your access.

2.3 Under CLIENT DETAILS, take note of your SFTP credentials: host, or IP address, port, username, and password. You are now ready to test your connection.


Your SFTP credentials

3. Test your SFTP Connection


IP Whitelisting

Before you proceed, make sure Zyllem has whitelisted your IP address (and vice versa as required by your enterprise).

3.1 Using your SFTP credentials in the previous step, log in to your SFTP account. This can be done using an FTP client.


Logging in to your SFTP account. The user interface is based on FileZilla and can vary depending on your FTP client.

3.2 Look for the _drop_files_here folder and upload a test file into the said folder. This can be done by dragging and dropping the file.


Drag and drop your test file into the _drop_files_here folder


Your Test File

Your test file can be any file, and does not need to be a valid booking file. For example, you can upload a .txt file just to test if the upload is successful.

3.3 Go to your enterprise web portal: /Settings/SFTP/yourClientName. Refresh the page and wait for the file name to appear on the RECENT ACTIVITY log.

Note that if you upload an invalid booking file (just for the purpose of testing), the status will reflect as Completed with Errors, denoting that the upload was successful but no order was booked.


Checking your test upload


If your test file appears in the RECENT ACTIVITY log, your SFTP connection is confirmed! The next step is to configure your SFTP Settings.