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Welcome! This site presents a guide on how to integrate with Zyllem so you can directly manage delivery orders.

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API Release Notes

This page contains information about updates to Zyllem API and Webhooks over time.

20 Jan 2021 (v6.23)

What's New

  • You can now book and access items in any Network Group (in the past, you can only do so one network group at a time). To enable this feature, set the network group access to All Network Groups in your API settings and provide the Network Id in your API calls (click on the link to know more).

Known Issues

  • If you GET shifts for a specific operator, you will get an 'Internal server error'.
  • If you GET contact operating windows for a contact that does not have any operating window defined, you will get a 'Cannot find contact' message.
  • When a new contact is created through a booking and someone deletes the contact on the web portal, the system displays a blank pop-up.
  • When a user imports records of existing contacts, the contactActivityChangeWindow webhook is always triggered even when there is no actual change made to Operating Windows of the same contacts.
  • In the API settings, if you select All Network Groups then search for a User, if there is only 1 user, clicking cancel will select the said user instead of returning to the page.
  • When you book under the following conditions, you may get a '500 internal server error'. To solve the problem, retry the booking (even immediately).
    (a) The contact policy setting must be set to 'Auto-Create'.
    (b) Multiple API bookings are made concurrently (simultaneously).
    (c) The said concurrent bookings involve the same contact.
    (d) The said contact doesn’t exist (yet) in the Address Book.

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API Release Notes

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